Comfort Amazing Fragrance- Cirkus

Here is some of my work that I did while working as an intern at Cirkus animation. I learned so much there in two and a half months and I am so thankful to the guys there for the opportunity and encouragement.

I worked on a commercial called Comfort Amazing Fragrance and I worked on the props (modelling, texturing and shading them) to have them fit in the cloth world. I had some responsibilities in scene layout,set dressing, cloth simulation, lighting and rendering.

Its turned out so well and I’m very proud to have been a part of it!

Cosy bar scene

Finished  a new project. Took me a few weeks to complete:  I created all the models and textured it in Maya and then rendered it out in Vray. Its another attempt to learn the render engine, I think I’m getting there!

Cosy bar

The concept is by amazing artist Adam Kuczek

I have used 2 vray rectangle lights, 1 dome light with an HDR image and several point lights for the bulbs. I composited the image in Photoshop.

Wireframe_cosy bar


Aditya Birla Sparkles awards is a very prestigious function where all the Aditya Birla companies come together and teams are awarded for different values or innovations of the year. In 2012, the awards were held in Mumbai and I created an interactive graphic that shows off some of the aspects that Mumbaikars are proud of.


Bollywood and fishermen in the Arabian Sea


Delivery boys who cycle all across Mumbai to deliver tiffin lunches to offices; Leopards sometimes stray from the Western ghats

local train

The local trains are the usual way people travel all over Mumbai to get to work or school

Text would appear over the individual figures when mousing over them


The clients were extremely happy with the work and all the team members from our company were awarded with certificates for successfully designing and running Sparkles award ceremony website online and on time!

Galaxy project

Galaxy awards is an annual award ceremony held by the Aditya Birla group in which they ‘reward, celebrate, reflect, rejuvenate and align ourselves to organizational objectives’. In 2013, the awards were hosted in Rajasthan, India. 

They wanted to highlight some of the culture of Rajasthan on their awards page online. The rajasthani puppet show is a very popular traditional medium to teach and entertain used by the locals. We decided to use it likewise, and I created the vector puppets and the stage using Adobe Illustrator which was then animated in Adobe Flash and used to show images of Rajasthan.

King Queen